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閱讀是人生最簡單的樂趣之一,也是每個人都該做的事。 即使您不支付封面價格,書籍也可能很貴。 電子書與實體書的價格相同,雖然這在某種程度上似乎不對,但事實就是如此。 那麼,我們如何才能獲得書籍而不必為它們付出高昂的代價呢? 這就是這篇文章的全部內容。 我將向您展示在哪裡可以免費下載合法的電子書和 PDF 書籍。

免費真的是最好的價格。 免費和合法的缺點是您不會獲得最新的暢銷書或大片。 我們都知道如何獲得不合法的書籍,但作者應該為他們的工作獲得報酬。 因此,此頁面上的所有連結都是電子書和 PDF 書籍下載的合法來源。

How to Use Twitter Analytics: 15 Simple-to-Find Stats to Help You Tweet Better

This post was originally published on October 15, 2014, and we have just updated it with the latest information and screenshots of Twitter analytics.

We're longtime Twitter fans, it's been an amazing tool for building personal brands and helping small businesses grow. Yelitsa Jean-Charlies is a good example of both, she's founder of Healthy Roots Dolls and she used Twitter to grow her brand and bring “the beauty of our diversity to the toy aisle.”

Since 2017, she's been using Twitter to build a brand rooted in authenticity and her personal story. Through Twitter, she tripled her mailing list, got new partnerships, generated organic leads, and contributed to the conversation around diversity in the toy aisle through hashtags like #RepresentationMatters.

If you’re a marketer or small business owner, you too can use Twitter to reach more…

How to Boost Your Soundcloud Plays

As an aspiring musician on SoundCloud, increasing your plays is essential to gaining recognition and building a dedicated fan base. In this blog post, we will explore 14 effective strategies and techniques to help you boost your SoundCloud plays and increase your music's visibility. Let's dive in!

1. Great Music Comes First

To attract more SoundCloud plays, start by focusing on creating high-quality music that resonates with your target audience. Dedicate time to improving your songwriting, production, and overall sound quality. Experiment with different genres, styles, and arrangements to find your unique sound. Prioritize professional mixing and mastering to ensure your tracks stand out.

数百万本书秘密地处于公共领域。 你可以免费下载

每个人都在不必要的时候为书付费。 几乎所有出版的东西都可以通过多种方式免费阅读,以至于近乎淫秽。 图书馆:它们很好!当然,如果你想要你最喜欢的作者的最新版本,你要么付费要么等待图书馆的副本,但对于数百万本旧书,你可以合法地免费获得数字版本。 出版业的一个秘密是,大多数 1964 年之前出版的美国书籍从未扩展过版权,这意味着它们今天处于公共领域。


2023 年下载电子书和有声读物的 11 个最佳站点

即使在 21 世纪的数字时代,书籍也没有失去其重要性,它们仍然是收集信息的可靠来源。


因此,这些是一些最好的电子书下载 Torrent 网站。

注意:Techworm 不容忍使用 Torrent 非法获取内容。将以下 Torrent 网站用于非法目的完全由您自行承担风险。 Techworm 对您遇到的任何法律问题不承担任何责任。

要访问上述任何 Torrent 下载站点,只需将 URL 复制并粘贴到您的网络浏览器的搜索栏中。


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